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Texas-based Sunflowees Launches, Offering Hardwood Cutting and Serving Boards Made in the USA Uniquely from Maple, Walnut and Cherry

Sunflowee’s cutting and serving boards are durable, offering visual appeal and practicality to any kitchen

MAGNOLIA, TEXAS, SEPTEMBER 27, 2018 - The team at Sunflowees has just announced their launch, giving consumers everywhere a first-ever look at their custom selection of hardwood cutting and serving boards.

Sunflowees is a small family owned business operated in Texas, proudly offering an array of cutting and serving boards made from durable, natural Cherry, Maple, and Walnut. Sunflowees believes that quality should never be a compromise.  They stand behind each of their products and want you to feel confident that your purchase experience is of the highest caliber. All of their cutting boards come pre-treated and ready to use.

Currently, Sunflowees offers 15 different cutting boards in collections including the Home Sweet Home Board Collection, Traditional Board Collection, and Live Edge Board Collection. According to the Sunflowees team, more cutting and serving boards will be unveiled soon.

In addition to their custom cutting boards, Sunflowees also offers a selection of Cutting Board Seasonings, Chef & Chefette Soaps and will soon be adding the Rustic Cutlery Collection.

Sunflowees is committed to delivering high quality items, as well as world-class customer care. Perfect for any Kitchen. Whether you have a simple, elegant, farmhouse, rustic, modern or commercial kitchen, Sunflowees has you covered with quality products along with Tips & Advice on how to care for your boards, so you will enjoy them for years to come. Each board comes with an Instructional Care Sheet and are backed by their conditional 100% money back guarantee.

Customers can shop and order directly from the website or Amazon, as well as submit questions or comments to the Sunflowees team.

The Sunflowees staff is committed to “Seasoning Everything with Smiles, Love & Laughter”, a motto that the company extends to their customers. More information can be found at

About Sunflowees

Based in Texas, Sunflowees is very proud to be an American Owned Company providing quality American Made Real Wood Products that portray what they believe in – durability, strength, longevity, elegance and creativity.  A heart is the universal symbol for love! From the Sunflowees Family to yours, a heartfelt thanks!



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