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What is a Cutting Board?

The term “Cutting Board” applies to a variety of cutting surfaces.  You may even have your own term for them but here’s how we term them.  Regardless of what type of food you are preparing, it is always best to prepare it on a quality surface. A “Cutting Board” could simply be just that…a Cutting Board.  It can also be considered a Carving Board, Butcher Block, Chopping Block, Bread Board, Cheese Board, Yada Yada Yada.  You get the picture!

Why does Sunflowees only offer Hardwood Cutting Boards?

First and foremost, the real wood used in crafting our boards, is a renewable resource.  The trees from which our boards come from, are grown right here in the USA, harvested in a responsible manner and regrowth is not outdone by demand.  Reliable studies have shown, true hardwood boards have natural anti-bacterial properties.  Plastic boards can actually harbor live bacteria even after being washed in a dishwasher.  Hardwood Boards are much easier on your knives and will not dull them near as quickly as plastic, marble, granite, and of course glass cutting surfaces.

We offer our boards in Cherry, Hard Maple and Walnut.  Let’s look at these 3 wood types individually.  Keep in mind, due to the various grain patterns, no 2 boards will ever be exactly the same.

Cherry – Because of it’s similarity in appearance to Mahogany, the furniture makers of long ago called this wood New England Mahogany.  Its satiny grain can at times have some unique ripples in it, displays reddish brown shades and it tends to darken over time.  Cherry is quite strong, shock resistant and will be friendly to your cutlery.

Maple – A true favorite American hardwood, Maple is one of the most popular choices for professional and home kitchens.  Commonly known as the Sugar Maple, these trees have provided us with syrup, bowling pins, baseball bats, pool cues and even women’s shoe heels!  Maple exhibits itself primarily a straight grain with a natural warm glow.  It won’t add any flavor to your food (unlike some other woods out there), is friendly to your knives and will last and last.

Walnut – One of the most beautiful finished wood products, Walnut boards are a highly desired offering and will provide you with a board you will be proud to display.  Walnut (like the other hardwood boards) has been shown to exhibit natural sanitary qualities, in that bacteria found in food, dies in a few moments after contact with the surface.  The food you are preparing or serving will truly stand out on this amazing board.

Board Care Hints - All wooden boards require minimal maintenance and should never be placed in a dishwasher, immersed or soaked in water.  Clean with warm soapy water after each use and treat the wood with a quality board care product, such as our Old Fashioned Cutting Board Seasoning (we offer in a stick or tin).  Many reseal their boards monthly, but apply this treatment as needed, to provide a clean long-lasting quality cutting surface.  If you cut on one side of your board and serve on the other, be sure to treat both sides and your edges too!